Top 5 Science Fiction Movies of All Time

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Downloading movies appears to be going the way of the dodo, with streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. You may be interested in downloading some movies to get on you when you’re offline. Don’t worry; now you can watch music videos and free movies apps list here that will assist you to do this (legally).

1) Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is considered as one of the best Science Fiction movies of all time. It was released in the year of 1993. It’s humongous CGI creatures has left a significant mark on the Hollywood. It was the highest grossing movie in history till 1997’s Titanic and is one the most recognized movie all over the world. It is still the most top grossing film in the illustrious career of Director Steven Spielberg, who has created many other brilliant films but none beat this. The animation of the film is so good that it stills holds up good even by today’s standards.

2) Inception

Inception is a movie directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Leonardo DiCaprio which was released in the year of 2010 and turned out to be the 4th highest grossing film of the year. The concept of the movie was the thing that captivated the viewers most, the acting of Leonardo DiCaprio only complimented the solid plot of the movie. CGI used in the dream sequence of the film was quite impressive.This movie was critically acclaimed as well as was loved by the fans and is considered one of the best work Leonardo DiCaprio has ever done and that’s saying something.

3) Back to the Future

When it comes to time traveling this movie comes to the mind of everyone. This was the first film to ever justifiable explore the time travel concept. The movie was released in 1985 and was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The plot revolves around traveling back to time to the year 1955 accidentally and trying not change your present . The movie explores various time travelling theories that were present at that time. This movie was as much as comedy as it was a Sci-Fi.

4) Wall-E

Wall-E is considered as the best animated Sci-Fi movie of all time. This movie was released in 2008 and was produced by Pixar Animation Studio. With what legacy the Pixar Studio had Wall-E didn’t disappoint fans, with its amazing plot and exploring the romantic interaction of two artificial beings who were left abandoned in the post-apocalyptic world was phenomenal. It was critically acclaimed and received various awards which were not seen before for any other animated movie. The movie was quite successful financially as well with earning money unheard for any animated movie.

5) The Terminator

Terminator is a Sci-Fi Action genre movie. The movie was released in the year of 1984 and was directed by James Cameron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie has explored the theory of Artificial intelligence’s domination over the world which was quite a debatable topic back then. Time travel was also covered in this film with the introduction of the legendary character of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The action of movie was first of its kind revolutionized the Hollywood industry which lead to various other movie trying to replicate The terminator but couldn’t.


PUBG PC Update Adds MK47 Mutant, Tukshai Vehicle, And Training Mode

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PUBG PC Update

Good news to players! The latest cover for undiscovered battlegrounds in now available. There are new vehicles, weapons, rewards, and attachments.

MK47 Mutant

MK47 Mutant Assault rifle, which is the latest weapon, is available through world spawn on all three maps. It uses 7.62mm ammo, and it can be equipped with the attachments available in the game. The weapon does not have an auto mode, and it fires only two round burst or a single shot. A typical gun contains 20 rounds and if it is extended, 30 rounds.

Laser Sight

Patch 21 has introduced laser sight which is a new attachment. It can be used with pistols, ARs, SMGs, and DMRs in the game. The laser sight reduces the speed of bullets when soft aiming and hip firing. It also lowers the rail of guns. Training mode is the biggest advancement. You can see all the updates by dropping into the game. The update is also available for download.


This is a new vehicle available to Sanhok. It is a three-wheeled vehicle (commonly referred to as tuk-tuk). It will be replacing Minibus, Dacia, and UAZ on the map. It is slower than other means of transport, but it is convenient for getting around Sanhok.

Supply System

You will get rewards after completing weekly and daily objectives. Some of the tasks will include using specific weapons to terminate enemies or reviving your teammates. There are also some temporary rewards you get after completion of a level. The permanent rewards are awarded after finishing the tenth level.

Players can increase their survival levels using survival XP that is acquired when playing matches.

Training Mode

PUBG update 21 training ground is a 2X2 map. Five players can get to try different aspects of the game. No player can die in training. Therefore, they can go anywhere they want on the map. There are different zones to try out, for instance, driving on twisted roads, driving a boat, landing with a parachute, using different weapons, jumping off slopes in vehicles, controlling vehicle speed, trying different grenades, learning how various consumables work, parkour, driving off the road and shooting different guns.

Bp System Restructure

Initially, your ranking determined your BP rewards. Now you will get rewards based on your ranking and playtime. Team rewards will be shared, and if you play alone in a squad game, you will not receive four times the BP. Reason being rewards have been rationalized to make even the differences in BP. Efficiency will be based on the playing time for each mode and map.

Pubg Update 21 Ux/UI

The settings have an update of voice chat. To find it, check the setting section, sound category and voice chat subcategory. A network information section has also been added. And it mainly indicates packets, packet loss, connection speed, and ping. To change the settings to either on or off, go to gameplay and press UI. Some of the improvements in the UI menu include weapons, wardrobe, and gear.

Gaming GPU Prices Falling As Ethereum Profits Drop

It has become a huge expectation from many people to see the crazy GPU costs drop. Though, the process will have to take some time. Vendors have been optimistic while purchasing every GPU they can lay their hands on. As this process continues, users have been suffering from the large costs of buying a GPU gaming product. Prices have increased while products are not regularly supplied.

GPU Prices Falling

At the moment, it is appearing to be great as the market normalizes. Ethereum miners are currently experiencing a drop in profit, making it easier to get enough GPU at the moment. This implies that GPU costs are finally falling to help more gamers have access to their desired product at a much lower price.

Just as bitcoin increased from an obscured end, Ethereum also rise to prominence in time past. This increase has affected gaming products one way or the other. People discovered a simple way of making money by leaving their PC operating for a few hours in the Ethereum mining market. It sounds like a great and innovative market that people can earn some decent cash.

With this new market, the cost of PC gaming product rose to an unstoppable level of disturb. This problem prevented gaming producers to delivery enough products to their end users. In the PC memory sector, global reduction of silicone already exists. With the GPU mining, the problem only skyrocket beyond anticipation.

In recent days, the profits from Ethereum have dropped according to reliable sources. If you are mining any cryptocurrency, it is important to consider certain factors to make more profits. Demoralizing losses and healthy returns in cryptocurrency mining can be affected by a poor electricity tariff. At the moment, it can be dangerous to mine Ethereum on a high workload. This is because you may be consuming around two hundred watts in an hour. This factor has also helped in the falling cost of GPU products.

At the moment, it looks like cryptocurrency miners are moaning over their huge investments in PGUs. For PC gamers, this is great news to welcome. If you want to upgrade your PC system, then this moment may be great. In the last couple of months, the prices of PGU have falling to a prominent level. It means that old equipment will be removed for miners to recover their huge losses and get paid.

If you are looking for AMD GPUs such as the RX 580, there is every possibility to purchase this product for only two hundred and seventy-five dollars. This product is what most miners prefer to use when mining Ethereum. In April of 2018, the AMD GPU card was around four hundred and forty dollars. It is time for video gaming enthusiast to up their gaming in looking for large GPUs.

Apart from the additional profit you get for upgrading your system, you may be opened to some great opportunities in purchasing the best GPUs in the market. At the moment, Ethereum profits will continue to drop as GPU costs fall.

5 Common Negative Effects Of Iron In Water

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Iron, chemically known as Ferrous, is one of the essential components needed by our body to survive. However, any excess dosage of Fe or Iron can be extremely harmful and can lead to much dangerous situations in a human’s body. Iron can reach a person’s body through water, food, beverages, etc or anything consumable. Although low amounts of Iron do not do all that harm, higher dosages are harmful. To understand how to get rid of excessive iron content from water, one can always look for water softeners by going through the top water softener reviews on the internet.

How does iron get into water?

There are various different ways in which Iron can enter water. First and foremost, if the pipeline through which the water flows into and outside a house is exposed to oxygen while being exposed to water, the inner metallic part would rust, thereby forming free Iron to be taken away by the water. Seepage can also cause iron to flow into the water.

Water is essential to keep one hydrated and therefore, it is essential for life. To keep water clean and healthy are the most important key steps for living a healthy life. For which, the water should be tested for its hardness and necessary steps should be taken.

What is hard water?

Hard water is usually defined as water that has Magnesium and Calcium contents. Hard water is harmful for skin, and for health. But, it is not only Magnesium and Calcium that are harmful. Hard water normally, it is not just Magnesium and Calcium that cause hardness. In fact, elements like Aluminum, Manganese, Barium, Iron and Zinc also contribute toward hardness.

Is iron dangerous?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no adverse effect that hard water can cause. The human body works towards not letting one consume excessive amounts of harmful salts. The regulated intestinal absorption mechanism does not let more of these salts enter into the body, thereby preventing harmful situations. But however, under certain rare conditions, when the body cannot block the intake, iron can be unsafe. Read below to find out the five common negative effects Iron has when consumed through water or food or beverages.

5 Common Negative Effects of Iron in Water That You Should Know

  1. Skin: High iron dosage in water can damage skin cells and thereby increasing the rate of skin aging. It leads to development of early wrinkles. It can also clog skin pores, thereby causing
  2. Food and beverages: The taste of the food might become completely unpleasant if cooked with water that contains high amounts of iron. The water starts tasting metallic and the food looks burnt.
  3. Stains: Iron contaminated water can leave red stains on dishes, clothes, wash basin, toilet tanks, and anything that comes in contact with it.
  4. Clogging: Inside pipelines, the iron salts of water may form residue that might build up on the inner surface of the pipelines, thereby causing clogs. Bacteria are known to grow on iron residue, in which case, it leaves some brown slimy liquid where it grows. This might also flow along with the water.
  5. Health issues: Excessive iron intake can lead to a disease called hemochromatosis. This can cause liver, pancreatic and heart damage as well as diabetes. When consumed with food, stomach indigestion is commonly seen, leading to nausea, vomiting, loose stool, etc.

Healthy level of iron in water is known to be 0.3mg/L. Anything more or less than this can cause issues in a human body. To clean water of excess iron, water softeners can be used. The water softeners can be chosen based on one’s suitability by glancing at the top water softener reviews.

Top 5 Amazing Games Like MInecraft That You Must Play

Minecraft is a Swedish sandbox video game that stole and continues to steal the hearts of gamers as well as critics across the globe. Its popularity and engaging 3D and 4K gaming experience is such that it has managed to grab the title of being the second best-selling video game of all time. The game allows players to build using various 3D blocks, explore, learn and interact as well as have epic adventures. It possesses quite a few remarkable features that have gained it its revered stature in the gaming world, and not only has it gained recognition in this area but also in the educational field as a great environment for the learning and growing of students. As a consequence of its steadily high appeal, there’s bound to be a number of similar games. While it is hard to top this off, here’s a list of awesome sauce games similar to Minecraft that you HAVE to check out asap!

1) RoBlox

RoBlox is the world’s largest social platform for play and is a massive multiplayer game that allows you to bring your craziest imagination to life. It’s a place where you can create whatever you wish to as well as enjoy playing in the creation of another. It endorses numerous attractive features and will have you playing for hours. From working at a place to breaking out of jail and surviving natural disasters to building your house and bagging the coolest rides and clothes, it’s sure to have you bewitched. It focuses on team work and UNLIMITED FUN. Definitely deserves to top this list.

2)Lego Worlds

Minecraft drew its inspiration from Lego, and in turn, this game is heavily based off of Minecraft. Naturally, the similarities are endless. You can create as well as destroy colossal structures purely for the fun of it. It boasts of a robust set of crafting tools designed to help you enjoy a unique and engaging gaming experience. To add to it, it contains the infectious, trademark Lego charm. Need any more? A sure win-win!

3)Junk Jack

Cook, tame creatures, grow flowers, make adorable animal companions and build your own house, what more do you need to fall in love with this game? Junk Jack is an explorative 2D game that comes with a lengthy but highly informative and preparatory tutorial that leaves you equipped to conquer the world, or well at least in its virtual confinement. It claims to be a relaxing sandbox experience that’ll leave you with some tips on building and improving your house.

4)Craft The World

This is a unique sandbox lovechild of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. It is an underground labyrinth with cutesy dwarves at your command, don’t be fooled by the sound of it, these dwarves will help you ward off your enemies, build your empire and are forever at your disposal. Here’s your chance of feeling like royalty. Combat, exploration, crafting, you name it! It’s got it all. True to its name, the game allows you to craft your world, but beware, with great power comes great responsibility.

5)King Arthur’s Gold

Mine your resources, build your very own regal and strong castle and rain hell down on your enemies and watch it all come down hilariously. Can there be a more ‘Started from the bottom now we here’ feel to it with the touch of medieval charisma? Yes, different from most modern-day oriented gaming themes, it has a medieval burst. This online action video game is compatible with all the major software and is a 2D multiplayer. Not to mention, it has sharks too!

Here at the end of this compilation of a few of the finer than wine games, it would be safe to say that gaming time is going to be a blast! With captivating visuals and incredible developing and an explosion of wild creativity, these games are here to impress and are all user-friendly, and can be enjoyed by players of varying age groups. You don’t need to be a professional gamer who’s been killing it for years to enthrall yourselves with these virtual platforms. And in some of these places, who knows, you might end up meeting your best game buddy or learn a few essential lessons. Game-on!on!

Best 4k Monitors for 4k GPUs

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Talking about monitors, the 4K ones have almost made it to the mainstream today, thanks to their dipping prices. The slash in their prices also means you can have the luxury of having one for work and the other for gaming. If you are into creative work, 4K monitors can be your best bet since they promise extraordinary image clarity and a vast workspace.

If you are confused about choosing the best 4K monitors for 4K GPUs, we will help you figure it out.

Factors to consider when finalizing a 4K panel

  • Size of the screen

When looking for a good monitor for 4K graphics cards, the size of the screen remains a primary factor to be considered. It is important to figure out the distance between the monitor and the eyes before you choose the right screen size. It is advised to completely avoid the smaller sized 4K monitors, especially the ones that are smaller than 27” since their usefulness is questionable. With the increase in the screen size, the pixels are increased and are more pronounced.

  • Type of Panel

There are four different types of panels:

  1. Twisted Nematic (TN): This kind of panel is the cheapest which also makes it the most commonly used. Its low input latency is great for games that are fast paced and competitive. While Twisted Nematic has a good contrast, it has a poor color reproduction and color shift when it is viewed at extreme angles.
  2. In-Plane Switching (IPS): Both In-plane switching and Plane to line switching panels are expensive to produce but they are good at precise color reproduction. There is a problem of higher input latency with these panels which becomes an issue with competitive gamers.
  3. Plane to Line Switching (PLS):
  4. Vertical Alignment (VA): These are rare kind of panels. They have the highest latency, very good contrast, and a good color reproduction.
  • Options of connectivity

It is also important to figure out the options of connectivity that are available. A lot of it will also depend on one’s personal needs such as USB on the monitor or a need to connect multiple input devices?

  • Dynamic Refresh rate technologies

It is important to note here that adaptive frame rate synchronization has a much bigger role in improving the gaming experience than the screen size or increase in resolution. Free sync and G-sync smoothen the gaming experience even in the cases where the frame rate comes down to 40 FPS or lesser.

So in case gaming is your priority, make free sync or G-sync your priority as well!

  • Color Reproduction Capabilities

If you are looking for precision in colors, you need to figure out the color reproduction capabilities of your 4K monitor. For this purpose, % of Adobe RGB should be higher to be better.

  • Budget
    You can get a good quality monitor just under $200-$300, given you will use it for basic software work. If you are a gamer, we suggest you to check this post about the best gaming monitor under $200. Go have a read and make an appropriate decision.

So now that you know everything about buying the best monitor for 4k GPUs, it’s time to shop. Good luck with your purchase!

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