Best 4k Monitors for 4k GPUs

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Talking about monitors, the 4K ones have almost made it to the mainstream today, thanks to their dipping prices. The slash in their prices also means you can have the luxury of having one for work and the other for gaming. If you are into creative work, 4K monitors can be your best bet since they promise extraordinary image clarity and a vast workspace.

If you are confused about choosing the best 4K monitors for 4K GPUs, we will help you figure it out.

Factors to consider when finalizing a 4K panel

  • Size of the screen

When looking for a good monitor for 4K graphics cards, the size of the screen remains a primary factor to be considered. It is important to figure out the distance between the monitor and the eyes before you choose the right screen size. It is advised to completely avoid the smaller sized 4K monitors, especially the ones that are smaller than 27” since their usefulness is questionable. With the increase in the screen size, the pixels are increased and are more pronounced.

  • Type of Panel

There are four different types of panels:

  1. Twisted Nematic (TN): This kind of panel is the cheapest which also makes it the most commonly used. Its low input latency is great for games that are fast paced and competitive. While Twisted Nematic has a good contrast, it has a poor color reproduction and color shift when it is viewed at extreme angles.
  2. In-Plane Switching (IPS): Both In-plane switching and Plane to line switching panels are expensive to produce but they are good at precise color reproduction. There is a problem of higher input latency with these panels which becomes an issue with competitive gamers.
  3. Plane to Line Switching (PLS):
  4. Vertical Alignment (VA): These are rare kind of panels. They have the highest latency, very good contrast, and a good color reproduction.
  • Options of connectivity

It is also important to figure out the options of connectivity that are available. A lot of it will also depend on one’s personal needs such as USB on the monitor or a need to connect multiple input devices?

  • Dynamic Refresh rate technologies

It is important to note here that adaptive frame rate synchronization has a much bigger role in improving the gaming experience than the screen size or increase in resolution. Free sync and G-sync smoothen the gaming experience even in the cases where the frame rate comes down to 40 FPS or lesser.

So in case gaming is your priority, make free sync or G-sync your priority as well!

  • Color Reproduction Capabilities

If you are looking for precision in colors, you need to figure out the color reproduction capabilities of your 4K monitor. For this purpose, % of Adobe RGB should be higher to be better.

  • Budget
    You can get a good quality monitor just under $200-$300, given you will use it for basic software work. If you are a gamer, we suggest you to check this post about the best gaming monitor under $200. Go have a read and make an appropriate decision.

So now that you know everything about buying the best monitor for 4k GPUs, it’s time to shop. Good luck with your purchase!

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