PUBG PC Update Adds MK47 Mutant, Tukshai Vehicle, And Training Mode

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PUBG PC Update

Good news to players! The latest cover for undiscovered battlegrounds in now available. There are new vehicles, weapons, rewards, and attachments.

MK47 Mutant

MK47 Mutant Assault rifle, which is the latest weapon, is available through world spawn on all three maps. It uses 7.62mm ammo, and it can be equipped with the attachments available in the game. The weapon does not have an auto mode, and it fires only two round burst or a single shot. A typical gun contains 20 rounds and if it is extended, 30 rounds.

Laser Sight

Patch 21 has introduced laser sight which is a new attachment. It can be used with pistols, ARs, SMGs, and DMRs in the game. The laser sight reduces the speed of bullets when soft aiming and hip firing. It also lowers the rail of guns. Training mode is the biggest advancement. You can see all the updates by dropping into the game. The update is also available for download.


This is a new vehicle available to Sanhok. It is a three-wheeled vehicle (commonly referred to as tuk-tuk). It will be replacing Minibus, Dacia, and UAZ on the map. It is slower than other means of transport, but it is convenient for getting around Sanhok.

Supply System

You will get rewards after completing weekly and daily objectives. Some of the tasks will include using specific weapons to terminate enemies or reviving your teammates. There are also some temporary rewards you get after completion of a level. The permanent rewards are awarded after finishing the tenth level.

Players can increase their survival levels using survival XP that is acquired when playing matches.

Training Mode

PUBG update 21 training ground is a 2X2 map. Five players can get to try different aspects of the game. No player can die in training. Therefore, they can go anywhere they want on the map. There are different zones to try out, for instance, driving on twisted roads, driving a boat, landing with a parachute, using different weapons, jumping off slopes in vehicles, controlling vehicle speed, trying different grenades, learning how various consumables work, parkour, driving off the road and shooting different guns.

Bp System Restructure

Initially, your ranking determined your BP rewards. Now you will get rewards based on your ranking and playtime. Team rewards will be shared, and if you play alone in a squad game, you will not receive four times the BP. Reason being rewards have been rationalized to make even the differences in BP. Efficiency will be based on the playing time for each mode and map.

Pubg Update 21 Ux/UI

The settings have an update of voice chat. To find it, check the setting section, sound category and voice chat subcategory. A network information section has also been added. And it mainly indicates packets, packet loss, connection speed, and ping. To change the settings to either on or off, go to gameplay and press UI. Some of the improvements in the UI menu include weapons, wardrobe, and gear.

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