Banning Pit Bulls is an Excellent Idea. (2024)

I agree with Polymoog on being similar to using that excuse
for Peoples or other things
We have Seen this actually starting to come into existence in
canaduh and amerika for Peoples tptb deem unstable,mentally
because they've chosen not to take a poison We all Know isn't
Helping and is harmful and is worded vaguely enough it can be
applied to anyone tptb deem dissidents

I copied,pasted and edited what I said already because
the limitations chat has on the posts

I was attacked by a drug dealers pit(my family wasn't a good
family and I was exposed to and used for many things Children
shouldn't be)when I was a teen if not for my thick leather and quick
feet I would've been dead as this dog was heavily abused and
used to fight other dogs and attacking Peoples

I ran the minute they pulled him off me and didn't stop til I was home
so was lucky only some deep bad scratches but I've seen worse and
had worse
I have a bite mark scar on my back from my aunts marmaduke/german
herd mixed that she sic'ed on me purposely while I was on a swing at
the age of 11
if not for another adult at the park(We did not Know)I think she would've allowed her dog to kill me that day and it wasn't the first time that dog
was told to attack me or others and it ended up dead when I was almost
13 from hanging itself on the fence while she was out one day by jumping to attack someone/thing on the other side

I hated pits,I was terrified to the point if I saw what i thought was
a pit I would cross the street or go in a completely different route
,direction than that one I was taking

however as an adult I went to look at puppies that were listed in
the paper no mention of breed and I just wanted a dog to Love so
didn't care what kinda breed
I hadn't had a dog or other animal friend since I was young due to
the fact my family would kill them on me as punishment or if the
animal friends became to protective of me and would get between
me and the abuse being doled out

lil side tracked here for a look at what I mean by punishment
my first dog ever was a collie mix and she was my very best friend
and would actually hug and hide me inside her dog house when I
needed to hide
first they tried to give her away but the Peoples that took her brought
her back the next day due to the crying and clawing at the door they
said she did
I came home to her with a bullet to the head(which was a quick way
for my friends)because I had spoken at school to a teacher I Trusted
on the abuses I was and other Children were going through

anyhoo back to my other best friend
it turned out it was a litter of pits and I was ready to walk right out
cause as it turns out I did care what type of breed
then a wee little runt of the pack came and laid across my feet
and my Heart melted and I took him home

He was one of the best furry friends I've had and today had I not
just put aside my fear and bias I would've missed the Love,loyalty
and protection he gave to me and mine

he passed about 15yrs ago now to cancer but if they were not
banned where I live I would definitely get another cause he taught
me it's all in the way Ya treat Our furry friends just as with humans
trauma and abuse affects them too

if Ya mistreat Peoples or animals
example hit or poke someone everyday all day and eventually they
turn and snap in defence of being abuse and unfortunately pits get
a lot of abuse due to how strong,loyal,intelligent and protective they

mine never did attack anyone he thought he was that little wee
pup even at a 100 pounds and would try being like the chiwawa
We had trying to be a lap dog and that chiwawa was the most vicious
furry friend I've ever had,the pit was terrified of him lol

pits are not the only breed capable of attacking and killing Peoples
there's many of breeds that are prone to vicious attacks and do
attack and cause deaths
pits are one of the breeds that get heavily abused by Peoples that
want dogs for that sorta loyal,protective and fighting qualities

pits get a bad wrap imho because they're a really terrifying breed in size,build,their look in general is intimidating
they have a ferocity with which they will defend or protect themselves
and those they Love if they perceive a threat

many of the pits Peoples See are misidentified similar looking breeds
if Ya are gonna ban pits Ya will have to ban many other breeds because
the name pit bull is NOT a actual breed

I've shared these wayback on my site when I had it and We had this
same debate when Our ban first started in this city

I really do think a lot of Peoples are afraid because of the attention
these dogs get when they do attack as other breeds do not get the
same media coverage as pits do

I think tptb are trying to take breeds that are loyal,Loving,protective
and of a size that they can actually defend their family against threats

I am so grateful I was able to look at that wee pup and See past my
terror of them cause again I would have missed out on Knowing what
kind of Loving,beautiful furry family member they make

I'll stop my rant here and am sorry that I went on for so long

Banning Pit Bulls is an Excellent Idea. (2024)
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