County Championship LIVE: Day four - score, radio & text (2024)

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Alex Hoad, Steve Mather, Adam Lanigan and Deepak Mahay

  1. A vintage round of County Championship actionpublished at 19:19 3 July

    19:19 3 July


    County Championship LIVE: Day four - score, radio & text (1)Image source, Rex Features

    Thanks for your company today and indeed over the last four days of this round of County Championship fixtures where there has been drama and excitement right until the last.

    As the clock ticked past 6pm this evening there were still three run-chases going down to the wire and how about that finish in the Gloucestershire v Glamorgan game in Cheltenham?

    All four results possible in the last over before Glamorgan finished one short of a world record chase of 593 with last man Jamie McIlroy out to the last ball as the match was tied.

    A contender for one of the greatest first-class matches ever played and that's why we love this competition.

    We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

    We say goodbye to the County Championship for a few weeks now - until 22 August to be precise - as it steps aside for The Hundred, T20 Blast and One-Day Cup to take centre stage.

    We'll be bringing you all the action from all of those competitions here on the BBC so see you back here again soon!

  2. How things look in Division Twopublished at 19:18 3 July

    19:18 3 July


    It was a productive round for County Championship Division Two leaders Sussex who have extended their lead at the top courtesy of a victory over Northants, combined with second-placed Middlesex's defeat against Leicestershire.

    Yorkshire, in third, enjoyed a huge innings win over bottom side Derbyshire to close on Middlesex.

    The only Division Two match to make it to the fourth day - and indeed the final ball of the the fourth day - was that absolute classic between Glamorgan and Gloucestershire which sees Glamorgan stay fifth and Glos move up to sixth.

    Here's what it all means -

    1 Sussex 150 pts

    2 Middlesex 127

    3 Yorkshire 123

    4 Leicestershire 115

    5 Glamorgan 108

    6 Gloucestershire 103

    7 Northants 97

    8 Derbyshire 78

  3. Get Involvedpublished at 19:17 3 July

    19:17 3 July


    Matt Roberts: What a day @CountyChamp, external, what a format, what a sport #bbccricket, external

    Kevin Ticehurst: I wish I stayed to the end, but I had to leave 4:45. But I just witnessed history, a world record score and a tie to finish the game. Who would have thought Cheltenham college would produce that?! #bbccricket, external

    We hope you had a good excuse Kevin!

  4. Division One state of playpublished at 19:08 3 July

    19:08 3 July


    Division One leaders Surrey got the better of Essex to put themselves in a strong position at the top and Somerset's remarkable run-chase against winless Warwickshire sees them move above Essex up into second.

    Hampshire took full advantage of Durham's defeat to Worcestershire yesterday with a win over bottom side Kent, while mid-table Notts and Lancashire shared the points.

    Here's how the table looks after nine rounds -

    1 Surrey 157 pts

    2 Somerset 134

    3 Essex 128

    4 Hampshire 120

    5 Durham 102

    6 Nottinghamshire 102

    7 Lancashire 101

    8 Warwickshire 96

    9 Worcestershire 91

    10 Kent 66

  5. Final scorecardpublished at 19:07 3 July

    19:07 3 July


    Division One:

    Utilita Bowl: Hampshire 505-8 dec & 180-4 v Kent 343 & 340 - Hampshire won by six wickets

    Southport: Lancashire 353-9 dec v Nottinghamshire 126 & 270-4 dec - Match drawn

    Taunton: Somerset 284 & 413-5 v Warwickshire 412 & 281-8 dec - Somerset won by five wickets

    Kia Oval: Surrey 262 & 278 v Essex 180 & 215 - Surrey won by 145 runs

    Division Two:

    Cheltenham: Gloucestershire 179 & 610-5 dec v Glamorgan 197 & 592 - Match tied

  6. GLOUCESTERSHIRE TIE WITH GLAMORGANpublished at 19:00 3 July

    19:00 3 July

    Gloucestershire 179 & 610-5 dec v Glamorgan 197 & 592

    What an incredible game of four-day cricket.

    152 overs in the fourth innings and Gloucestershire and Glamorgan could not be separated.

    The Welsh county were ONE run away from cricketing immortality.

  7. 'What a thriller'published at 18:57 3 July

    18:57 3 July

    Gloucestershire tie with Glamorgan

    Nick Webb
    BBC Radio Wales

    What incredible drama.

    Glamorgan thought they were on the verge of setting a world record.

    It is a tied match off the last available ball of the four days.

    Brilliance from James Bracey, soaring to take the catch.

    Handshakes all round.

    What a game. What a thriller. And it's ended all square.

  8. WICKET McIlroy c Bracey b Singh Dale 5published at 18:57 3 July

    18:57 3 JulyBreaking

    Gloucestershire v Glamorgan 592 all out - Target 593


    The match is TIED!!!

    Jamie McIlroy is out! He goes for a big swing and only edges it, where James Bracey takes a sensational catch and Glamorgan are all out.

    They finish on 592 all out. The match is tied. They were one run short of history.

  9. Postpublished at 18:55 3 July

    18:55 3 JulyBreaking

    Jamie McIlroy to face the last ball.

  10. Postpublished at 18:54 3 July

    18:54 3 July

    Mason Crane clips one to the legside.

    The scores are level.

    One ball to go!

  11. Postpublished at 18:53 3 July

    18:53 3 July

    Mason Crane gives himself room - but he hits it straight to a fielder.

    NO RUN! Two balls to go.

  12. Postpublished at 18:53 3 July

    18:53 3 July

    Crane plays the third ball back to the bowler. No run.

    Three balls to go. All four results possible!!

  13. Postpublished at 18:52 3 July

    18:52 3 July

    Mason Crane pulls one to leg, but he turns down the run. Four balls left.

  14. Postpublished at 18:51 3 July

    18:51 3 July

    Short ball from Ajeet Singh Dale. Mason Crane defends. Five balls left.

  15. Last overpublished at 18:50 3 July

    18:50 3 July

    Ajeet Singh Dale to bowl to Mason Crane with history beckoning...

  16. Two to win!published at 18:49 3 July

    18:49 3 July

    Beau Webster goes for the yorker, but it's down towards leg-stump!

    Jamie McIlroy gets something on it, it beats James Bracey and runs down for four!

    Glamorgan need two to win!

  17. Six to winpublished at 18:47 3 July

    18:47 3 July

    Mason Crane hammers it out into the deep and picks up an easy single.

  18. Postpublished at 18:46 3 July

    18:46 3 July

    Mason Crane goes for the drive... and misses!

    He tries again off Beau Webster's next ball... and misses again!

  19. Seven to winpublished at 18:45 3 July

    18:45 3 July

    Beau Webster to Jamie McIlroy.

    No run off the first ball. McIlroy then flicks one away for a single off the second.

    Seven to win.

  20. 'A Hollywood ending'published at 18:44 3 July

    18:44 3 July

    Gloucestershire v Glamorgan 585-9 - target 593

    Nick Webb
    BBC Radio Wales

    You couldn't make it up. It's a Hollywood ending for these sides. Right to the final couple of overs.

County Championship LIVE: Day four - score, radio & text (2024)
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