How to Defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella (2024)

This is a guide on a highly recommended build, and how to use it to defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella (Consort Radahn). The formidable final boss from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Consort Radahn is extremely difficult, and there are many ways to fight him. Given that difficulty it is recommended that you use a strong build which excels against Consort Radahn.


There are numerous items to find all across Elden Ring's base game. The most efficient build for this boss is a Greatshield and Rapier setup which leverages unique mechanics to negate many of his most dangerous attacks. This video shows you which items you need and where to get them. While collecting you are going to encounter a lesser version of Mohg. Luckily Mohg's Shackle does work on him, use it for a much easier fight. Of course you can learn the shackle's location by following that section of Brozime's Mohg guide.

Recommended Stats

Its recommended that you start the boss around level 150, get 48 strength to use your shield, 50 points go into arcane to boost your bleed buildup and help with damage scaling, at least 60 vigor gives you a good buffer of health if you miss a block, and lastly pump everything else into endurance to give you the equip load needed, and more importantly the stamina needed to get through the onslaught of attacks.

Build Explanation

The unique interaction between greatshields and thrusting swords is that you are able to attack and block at the same time, making it easier to punish Consort Radahn'sattacks, while remaining safe behind the shield. However, managing your stamina usage is the trickiest part of build. Using the Twin-Headed Turtle Talisman alleviates your stamina issues, although you should only use this talisman if you are comfortable getting through phase one without taking much damage. Additionally use the various talismans that increase equip load Great-Jar's Arsenal or Erdtree's Favor are the best options.

Consort Radahn Strengths and Weaknesses

Bosses in Elden Ring have strengths and weaknesses, they resist some types of damage while taking bonus damage from others, knowing your enemy's weakness is key to defeating them efficiently.


Consort Radahn is weak to scarlet rot, as well as being susceptible to bleed. There are various ways to apply these buildups on the boss. However, this is the reason we are using the Antspur Rapier, giving the Antspur an ash of war with the bleed affinity gives the weapon bleed buildup, while retaining its scarlet rot buildup. Therefore making it the best option for the fight.


Consort Radahn is strong against Fire Lightning and Holy damage, avoid using affinities matching those elements. Consort Radahn also has a very fast stance recovery. Thus making it much more difficult to break his poise. His greatest strength is his relentless assault of attacks, This makes missing a punish particular rough.

Phase One

During the first phase Consort Radahn almost always starts the battle with a Gravity Cyclone attack, unfortunately this makes it very difficult to summon an ash of war in time. Therefore, you have to wait until a good opening to do so. To dodge this first attack, roll or block just as Consort Radahn gets to your position. Thankfully, the only other attack that is tricky to dodge is his Meteor Summon, To dodge this attack sprint in either direction, when the gravity rocks start to move towards you, jump or dodge roll in the opposite direction that you were running, this attack is also blockable. However, this deals a large amount of damage due to the attack doing magic damage.

Phase Two

Consort Radahn's second phase is where the encounter starts to really rise in difficulty. At around 60% health remaining Radahn goes into his second phase, Retaining all of his previous attacks. However, most attacks are now followed by beams of holy light. The first incantation Consort Radahn uses is Light of Miquella, a very large holy Area of Effect (AoE). Running out of the area is possible if you begin running as soon as the light of the Incantation appears. However, with the recommended build, you can block the spell and attack Radahn for a few extra hits. Undoubtedly the hardest part of the encounter is managing your stamina, tapping the block button to regain bits of stamina faster is important. If blocked, the attacks do minimal damage to you, stay close and attack from behind the shield when your stamina is at a comfortable level.

Holy Meteor Crash

Once you reduce Consort Radahn's health to around 25% he does his Holy Meteor Crash attack. Use your Wonderous Physick with the Opaline Bubble Tear mix and Crimson Bubble Tear mix, run as far away from where Consort Radahn began his attack, block towards the glowing light in the sky, Which is above where the boss entrance door is located. Once survived Consort Radahn wont use this attack again for the duration of the fight. Take down the final 25% of health and congratulations on your hard fought victory.

General Boss Tips

  • Collect at least 15 Scadutree Blessing upgrades.
  • Use the Golden Braid found in the shaman village in the Scaduview region to negate Consort Radahn's holy damage.
  • Players with enough Faith investment should be using Golden Vow and Blessing of Erdtree incantations.
  • During phase two watch for the Light of Miquella and Holy Meteor Crash attacks.
  • Using Opaline Bubble Tear mix and Crimson Bubble Tear mix helps you survive the Holy Meteor Crash.
  • Using summons other than spirit summons increases Consort Radahn's health greatly.

Written by: Sirfreeforall

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

How to Defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella (1)
How to Defeat Radahn, Consort of Miquella (2024)
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