WotLK Ultimate Alliance Leveling + TIPS Guide [1-80 the right way]! (2024)

Warmane Leveling Guide [1-80 Alliance]

Some Stuff: This guide is ONLY for use on Warmane. Remission must be granted by me (Kentuckykid220) for it to be used elsewhere. Please do not rip or steal my work!

LEVEL 1-10 (Newbie Zones)
Pretty straight forward. 1-10 Is not hard at ALL therefore a guide is totally not needed! You guys should no the location of your class so now we should move on.

TIP: Leave the starter zone at around level 5 and the proceed. A human would leave Northshire at level 5 and proceed and take the quests at Goldshire!

LEVEL 10-20
Recommended: Westfall (10-20)
Side-Zone: Loch Modan (10-20)

I prefer Westfall over EVERY other zone because it has such a thrilling storyline and I wish the zone was from 10-30! To the point the zone is packed with quests. I recommend AVOIDING the quest where you have to gather food from different creatures (No not goretusk liver pie) because it is USELESS!

TIP: At level 15 you will unlock the dungeon finder. Currently the "Seeker" bit of this invention is bugged however it will teleport you to a dungeon with a group of 5 people. TYPE /WHO on your keyboard and invite 5 people to your party within the level range. Once in the dungeon watch the exp fill up your bar!

HOT GOLD TIP: Aquire "Mining". It is a great profession and can bring in lots of cash. Westfall is packed with ore...ore = cash!

LEVEL 20-30
Recommended: Duskwood (20-30)
Side-Zone: Wetlands (20-30)

I suggest you head to Duskwood because its right next-door to Westfall. Again its great for Mining. I find the zone kinda boring but hey..atleast it's packed with juicy quests.

LEVEL 30-35/40
Recommended: Stranglethorn Vale (STV) (30-45)
Side-Zone: Arathi Highlands (30-40)

Now STV is a great lush forest sea-side zone run by goblins. The quests are really great however UNFORTUNATELY this zone is a strong PVP area. Your likely to run into horde. LEVELING from 30-35 shouldn't be much of an issue because it's not far into the jungle. However 35-45 leveling will take place around the higher end of STV closer to the horde. I always go from 30-40...sometimes i encounter horde and get lucky. I recommended it because from here on all the zones will be PVP,PVP,PVP!

Grab all quests. Try and avoid some of the boss quests. Stay as far from the horde camps as possible and try to bring a level 80 along with you.

LEVEL 40-50
Recommended: Tanaris (40-50)
Side-Zone: Nothing compares to Tanaris.
Just like Westfall this is also one of my favorite zones. Why? Quests are fun and bring in lots of exp. REMEMBER TO FORM GROUPS AND USE THE DUNGEON FINDER! This zone has a juicy sexy dungeon with sexy exp and great loot!

NOTE: The zone is located in Kalimdor. USE your flightpaths from Rachet to get there.
WARNING: Don't be much of a stranger to PVP. The horde rest here. But don't worry. Most of the time some level 80 alliance's are farming horde..atleast on my server (Deathwing).

LEVEL 50-55
Recommended Zone: Ungoro Crater (50-55)
Side-Zone: Silithus (55-58)

Its right infront of Tanaris. You may find horde here but not as much as STV or TAN. The quests here run thin at around level 55 unfortunately so that's why I recommend picking every single quest. This zone is quite boring...alot of grinding which is tedious. Good luck.

TIP: Use your dungeon finder and form a group manually in tough times!

LEVEL 55-58
Recommended: Silithus (55-58)
Side-Zone: Ungoro (55-58) [Not recommended as the quest line of UGC runs thin at level 55+

Silithus should NOT take long. This is your final zone before moving into TBC zones. The amount of horde here is minimum. A few quests should get you to 58!

---------------------LEVEL 58...GRATS!-------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 58-62
Zone: Hellfire (58-62)

Hearth to Stormwind and repair all equipment. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING NEW because alot of the quest rewards in Hellfire are really good. Head to the mage district and head up the big tower and enter the portal to the "Blasted Lands"

Once in the BL accept the quest from the Draenei and jump through the "Dark Portal"

Welcome to Hellfire. Population of Horde: Minimal!

Go to Honor Hold and accept all quests. Save cash because at level 60 it is a REQUIREMENT that you buy "Flying" and a "Flying Mount" from the trainer!

TIP: I hear dungeons are pretty good this time of the year...oh shutup..you know what Im talking about!
LEVEL 62-64
Zone: Terokkar Forest ( Level 62-64)
Basic drill. Collect all the juicy quests. You'll be done in no-time. Not much information is required as its the same drill.
LEVEL 64-68
Zone: Nagrand (64-68)
Basic drill. Collect all the juicy quests. You'll be done in no-time. Not much information is required as its the same drill. Remember to accept the quest "THE RING OF BLOOD" for an easy two levels!

TIP: Complete all the outside-city quests.


GETTING there: Head to the Stormwind docks, take the furthest boat to the east. You will be at Valiance Keep.
Overview: Northrend is one of my (I, Kentuckykid220) favorites. Such a great zone with graphics, peacefull music and wonderfull design! It ends here.

Howling Fjord (68 ÔÇô 72)
Borean Tundra (68 ÔÇô 72)
Dragonblight (71 ÔÇô 74)
Grizzly Hills (73 ÔÇô 75)
Zul'Drak (74 ÔÇô 77)
Sholazar Basin (76 ÔÇô 78)
The Storm Peaks (77 ÔÇô 80)
Crystalsong Forest (77 ÔÇô 80)
Hrothgar's Landing (77 ÔÇô 80)
Icecrown (77 ÔÇô 80)
Wintergrasp (Outdoor PvP, 75+ to participate, 78+ for weekly quests)

ZONE MAP: http://images.wikia.com/wowwiki/imag...-Northrend.jpg

Now your going to be at Valliance Keep. If you look at your world map you'll see your in borean tundra. Now look at the map I have linked you and follow it.

Using the zone list provided levels 68-80 is basically a do it yourself.

I'll layout the zones (In order) from where to go and some notes. Don't worry too much about the horde.
1)Borean Tundra (68 ÔÇô 72) It's quest-tacular!
2)Dragonblight (71 ÔÇô 73) REALLY AWFUL ZONE! ESCAPE ASAP!
3)Grizzly Hills (73 ÔÇô 75) Beauty+Packed with quests = WoW!
4)Zul'Drak (75 ÔÇô 77) Kinda like Duskwood all over again.
5)The Storm Peaks (77 ÔÇô 80)
Crystalsong Forest (77 ÔÇô 80)

Now you really don't need much of a guide for Northrend as Blizzard has made it so easy already. I hope you enjoyed my guide. Now I suggest reading a Gear Guide.

It's only my first guide. Thanks.


IGN: Warchasm
Going to bed, i'll bug fix it tomorrow. Plz seed the torrent also.

WotLK Ultimate Alliance Leveling + TIPS  Guide [1-80 the right way]! (2024)
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