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You’ve heard about these UPS Access Points and you’re wondering how to use one.

In this guide, we will look into all of that and more.

I’ll show you how to use an access point, where to find them, advantages, security, and everything else you need to know.

Let’s take a look…

What is a UPS Access Point?

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First, we’ll start with the basics.

A UPS Access Point is a network of convenient locations, (local businesses like convenience stores, supermarkets, and gas stations), that opt to have a UPS Locker installed on the premises.

These locations allow you to drop off or pick up UPS packages at your convenience.

Not only that, but they provide a flexible and reliable option for shipping and receiving packages without the need for a home or office address, or the need to be in a certain place at a certain time in order to receive or drop off a package.

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How Do UPS Access Points Work?

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An access point has two main functions from the point of view of the customer.

They allow you to drop off and/or pick up a package.

How Do You Drop Off a Package?

Dropping off a package at a UPS Access Point is a straightforward process. Simply package your item securely and attach a UPS label.

However, it is important to understand that the following restrictions apply for a UPS Access Point drop-off. Your package must be:

  • Less than 20 kg
  • Less than 80 cm long
  • Complete with a valid UPS shipping label

As long as you abide by this you will have no issues.

When you reach the Access Point, you simply scan the shipping label at the touchscreen kiosk. After that, a locker door will open.

You then place the package inside, shut the door, and go about your day. Extremely convenient I am sure you will agree. 🙂

How Do You Pick Up a Package?

Picking up a package from a UPS Access Point is even easier.

When your parcel is ready for pickup, you’ll receive a notification with a pickup code.

Visit the access point with the code.

Enter the code into the touchscreen display and the relevant locker door will open for you to pick up your package.

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How to Get a Package Sent to a UPS Access Point?

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In order to have a package sent to a UPS Access Point, you will need to enter the address of the Access Point when you are arranging for the package to be sent.

The most likely scenario for this is ordering something online.

In this case, you can enter the local Access Point address while placing the order, instead of filling in your own address.

If someone is sending you something outside of an eCommerce arrangement, you simply ask them to mail it to the Access Point, rather than your address.

(Note: See below on how to obtain a UPS Access Point address.)

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How Much Does a UPS Access Point Cost to Use?

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Using a UPS Access Point for dropping off or picking up packages is free of charge for basic services.

However, there might be specific situations or services where UPS may apply fees.

  1. Packing Services: If you are using an Access Point that is managed by staff at the location and you need assistance with packing or labeling your item, you can expect charges associated with the materials and shipping fee.
  2. Special Services: If you require additional services such as printing shipping labels, purchasing shipping supplies, or selecting specific delivery options, there may be fees associated with these services.
  3. Storage Fees: If you fail to pick up your package within the specified time frame, there may be storage fees incurred. The duration before storage fees apply varies, so it’s essential to check the specific Access Point’s policy.

To get accurate and up-to-date information about any potential fees associated with using a UPS Access Point, it’s best to contact the business location hosting the Access Point directly or visit the UPS website for detailed pricing and service information.

The cost may also vary by location and the specific services you require.

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Do I need a UPS Account to Use the Service?

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No, you typically do not need to sign up or have a UPS account to use a UPS Access Point for basic services like dropping off or picking up packages.

These locations are designed to be accessible to everyone, and you can use their services without an account.

Where Are UPS Access Points Located?

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UPS Access Points are strategically positioned to provide accessibility to a wide range of users.

They can be found in:

  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Dry cleaners
  • Pharmacies
  • Gas stations
  • Local businesses

The widespread presence of these access points ensures that they are never too far away from most neighborhoods.

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How Do I Find an Access Point?

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Finding a UPS Access Point is a straightforward process.

You can use the UPS website or mobile app to search for the nearest access point by entering your location.

The tool will provide a list of nearby access points, along with their operating hours and services offered.

Who Can Use an Access Point?

UPS Access Points are open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a UPS account holder.

These locations offer a valuable service to anyone looking for a secure and flexible way to send or receive packages.

Are They Secure?

UPS Access Points prioritize security to ensure the safety of your packages. They are staffed by trained professionals who handle packages with care.

Additionally, the packages are securely stored within the access point until they are picked up by the intended recipient, adding an extra layer of protection.

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What Are the Advantages of Using an Access Point?

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There are several advantages to using UPS Access Points:

a. Flexibility: You can drop off or pick up packages at a time that suits your schedule, often including weekends and evenings.

b. No Home Address Required: Perfect for those without a fixed address or individuals who want to keep their home address private.

c. Reliable Service: UPS Access Points provide a simple, self-reliant approach to managing your packages.

d. Wider Coverage: Access Points are conveniently located in various neighborhoods, increasing accessibility.

e. Parcel Security: Your packages are kept securely at the access point until you pick them up.

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Common FAQs:

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Q1: Are there size and weight restrictions for packages dropped off at UPS Access Points?

A1: Yes, UPS Access Points may have size and weight restrictions, so it’s advisable to check with the specific location or UPS’s guidelines for details.

Q2: Can I redirect a package to an Access Point after it’s already in transit?

A2: It depends on the specific circ*mstances. Contact UPS customer service for assistance in rerouting a package to an Access Point.

Q3: Is there a fee associated with using UPS Access Points?

A3: There may be fees for certain services, such as packing and labeling, but dropping off or picking up packages at Access Points is free.

Q4: What if I miss the pickup window at the Access Point?

A4: The access point will typically hold your package for a certain period. If you miss the pickup window, contact the access point for further instructions.

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What is a UPS Access Point? All You Need to Know - MAILBOX MASTER (2024)
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